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Confidentiality policy
Inter-View Partners France comply with the rules of good conduct and to the laws regarding the confidentiality of the respondents.
Inter-View Partners France will only collect personal data when shared willingly by their holders through registration to Inter-View Partners' website or through participation to research conducted by the company.

Inter-View Partners France will use the data thus collected to recruit participants for the research it conducts. It can be medical research or consumer research. It implies contacting our own panel of respondents via e-mail or phone calls to offer potential respondents to participate to the research currently conducted. This may also imply confirming respondents' eligibility to future research. 

Under no circumstances will Inter-View Partners France communicate those data to a third party; unless informed consent is obtained from the respondents.
All the information communicated within the conducted research will remain strictly confidential and anonymous and will comply with all the relevant data protection, privacy laws and MR code of conduct (ESOMAR).
No promotional or commercial approach will result from the respondent's participation to the research.

Data collection and data origin
All the data regarding respondents is collected directly from them. Inter-View Partners commits to obtain the respondents' consent and to allow them to oppose to the use of their data.

Type of data collected and purpose
Inter-View Partners needs a certain amount of data to allow their respondents to participate to studies: first name, last name, address, phone number. The eligibility is also prone to a certain number of quotas (which may vary for each study), Inter-View Partners is therefore led to collect complementary data on a case-by-case basis for each study.
Such data can be varied (e.g. age, socio-professional category, health, etc.) and is only stored for the duration of the relevant study.

Duration of data storage
Inter-View Partners stores personal data for the necessary amount of time depending on the purpose; this in accordance with legal directives.

Accountability laws require that we keep the first name, last name and address of respondents who received an incentive (or several incentives). Other data collected throughout our various projects are deleted once each project is completed.

Audio / Video recording
If the interviews or the Focus Group interviews are to be recorded, Inter-View Partners France will guarantee to the respondents that the recordings will be used for analysis purposes only.
The use of audio or video recordings can only be done with the respondent's consent. Recordings are deleted after 2 years.

Medical aspect
We can guarantee that we are not selling anything to the respondents and that under no circumstances will we ask the respondents to try a treatment. We do comply with all the laws and regulations in France concerning market research practice and of methodology.

Respondents' rights
Any person can see all the data that affects him/her in a file and correct, supplement, update, block or erase data affecting him or her.
To do so the person can contact us directly:

- Phone: +33 320 194 377
- Email: info@ivp-france.fr  
- Fax: 03 20 47 23 10
- Postal address: Inter-View Partners France - 1B rue des champs - Acticlub Bâtiment G - Z.I. de la Pilaterie - 59290 Wasquehal - France

The personal data are held in our offices (locked computing room) and are not available online. Our database is only accessible with a secure password by authorized personnel only.

Inter-View Partners France comply with the rules of good conduct as well as with the existing laws, particularly with the Data Protection Act of January 6th, 1978, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 2016/679) and with the collective agreement that applies to market research agency (SYNTEC).

Inter-View Partner is a member of the Association for Market Research ESOMAR and as such complies with its ethical standards in market research.

Data Protection Officer (DPO)
You can reach our data protection officer (DPO) all the time through dpo@ivp-france.fr

Evolution of our confidentiality policy
The current confidentiality policy may be required to change according to future law evolution.